“ExtraPharma” offer investors excellent long-term potential, There are a number of features that make medical companies especially attractive, whether you are a growth or value investor. 

Finding the right investor is a time consuming process. “ExtraPharma” just don’t want the type of investor who is there primarily for the money. New products are build every day, but creating a worldwide new ecosystem takes time and effort. “ExtraPharma” After meetings with several different parties felt the strongest connection with Value Creation and Company. Clearly, funding for New Day at Work means that we can on board new partners quicker and expend our team on key positions.

It is a known fact that pharmaceutical companies offer an investor many advantages that you cannot find with other companies. Many value and growth investors find investing in these companies lucrative. Reasons for choosing to invest from a company are varied and plenty, they are not always financially driven. One of the best and perhaps most noble reasons for an investor to place his shares on a company is to consider the company's goals and purposes.

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